Say hello to the leadership team at Apostolic Assembly of Anamosa.

Meet our leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at Apostolic Assembly of Anamosa. Got questions for the lead team? Contact us by clicking here.

Pastor Clayton & Susann George

Clayton George has pastored in Anamosa for 35+ years.

"We welcome you to Apostolic Assembly! We're blessed to be part of a congregation of caring and sincere people who have great faith and a love for God." - Pastor George

Jay & LuAnn White - Assistant Pastor

Jay White is the Assistant Pastor at Apostolic Assembly. They've been ministering in Anamosa for 25+ years.

"It's never wrong to do the right thing!" - Jay

Jon & Shelly White - Youth Leaders

The youth group has fun events for young people ages 12 to 18. Their focus is building connections between youth and giving them a positive environment where they can make friends and learn about God.

Whether it's a trampoline park or in the prayer room, our youth have a fantastic time!" - Jon

Judy Nowadzky - Director of Sunday School

We have an amazing team of teachers in Sunday School. They are blessed to have the opportunity to minister to kids age 18 months through 18 years of age!

"We look forward to getting to know your children!" - Judy

Misty Miller - Director of Power Hour

Kids love Power Hour! It's a Wednesday evening event for ages 4-11 beginning in the children's santuary at 7PM followed by classroom settings. The kids enjoy learning about the Bible, crafting, singing, and game nights.

"I know your kids will enjoy their time in Power Hour!" - Misty

Courtney Francik - Director of Nursery

Nursery is provided for children from 1 year to 5 years of age on Sunday and Wednesday nights to help parents get the most they can out of service. We play, sing songs, and have snacks!

"Your kids are safe as I am CPR and First Aid Certified! Your child will have a blast in Nursery!" - Courtney

Melody Norton - Music Director and Hospitality Team

The Music Team enjoys incorporating new and old songs every service to speak to every generation.

One of the first people you'll see when arriving is a friendly greeter! Greeters will be happy to answer any questions you may have and will help you get acclimated to the church.

"Our church has a wonderful worship team that I am privileged to be a part of!" - Melody

Laura Amundson - Deaf Ministry

The love of Jesus is accessible to all people, in all languages. We strive to make a difference in the Deaf Nation by reaching out to those in our local community and showing the love of Jesus with a bright smile. All church services and functions are interpreted into American Sign Language. We offer weekly Bible studies in ASL, bi-weekly fellowship groups, ASL classes and a place to belong.

Susann George - Pastor's Wife and Ladies Leader

"We have a great group of ladies who have a heart to work for the Lord!" - Susann

Jim Noe - Mens Ministry

Our Men's Ministry will help you to better understand the Bible and to grow as Christian men.

"We enjoy fellowships and breakfast events to do together to build a stronger unity for the church as a whole!" - Jim

Kim Thomas - Prison Ministry

We minister weekly to those serving time at the Anamosa State Penitentiary.

"We know Jesus is the answer to changed lives and is a help to those on the path to recovery and restoration." - Kim

Aaron Amundson - Jail Ministry

We are privileged to be able to go to the Jones County Jail every week to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are broken, hurting, and ready to change their lives. We have conversations with people that they may not hear anywhere else.

"We believe that the Word of God is for everyone!" - Aaron

Steve Salviati - Head Usher

The usher staff strives to help make your time here enjoyable. They can assist you in getting in and out of your vehicle, find seating, locate someone you know, and help you get acquainted with the church.

"Our prayer is for you to leave with an increased relationship with God. We look forward to seeing you in our church services!" - Steve

Ken Engelbart - Food Pantry

We want to do our part to address hunger issues in Jones County. We have a bi-monthly food pantry to assist those who find themselves in uncomfortable circumstances.

In compliance with:

"Our goal, 'love our neighbor as ourselves.' " - Ken